LIVE your BEST life!

COVID -19 has disrupted life as we knew it.  While following governmental advisories of social distancing and wearing masks among groups of people, we're able to spend time with our loved ones.  Time is an absolute thing we can never get back.  

While being safe and mitigating infection the best we all can, an important aspect of those precautions is DISINFECTION!


1. Remove off debris and any organic matter.  

2. Spray on your disinfectant.  Let it stay wet for the amount of time the label says it needs to for disinfection (dwell time).

3. Live and Love life

Staying educated on proper techniques in the cleaning industry is one way in which we offer 5-star service.  As the owner of Cleaning by JMF, I strive to stay up-to-date with changes.  The Corona Virus has caused many changes in the way everyday life and services can be conducted.  The safety of staff and customers is paramount when designing and implementing new policies and procedures.  

Thank you for your trust in allowing our team to service your cleaning needs!

With gratitude,

Jarelle Flibotte, owner

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Jolly Maids for Freedom always aims to deliver exceptional cleaning and service to every customer, every time and
positively impact every person with every encounter.

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